But Are They Really Getting It?

Presenter: Dave Seaner
Time: 8:00AM - 9:25AM & 9:35AM - 11:00 AM
Room: High School K10

Here are the electronic versions of the handouts available in our workshop. Feel free to click and save the ones you find useful!

But Are They Getting It?

- Smart Noteboook file containing all workshop slides
Mr. Seaner's Wikispace - contains over 100 educational games for students K-3
Mr. Seaner's Delicious Account - contains over 400 activities and resources for teachers

Math Strategies That Work!

- .doc containing an explanation on how to use Touch Math. Print this document out, "dress up" each number, then copy for your class or to send home.
- .doc containing an explanation on how to use Touch Money. Print this document out, "dress up" each coin, then copy for your class or to send home.*
*You can also use baby hairs and dots. Pennies get 1 baby hair sticking out the top. Nickels get 1 dot, dimes get 2 dots, quarters get 5 dots. Then count the dots by 5's.

- .doc general letter to parents explaining Touch Math and Touch Money.
- .doc containing desk strips for students who need a desk reminder for Touch Math. See above file to dress the correctly.
Math Vocabulary:
Use Comic Life to write about and take pictures of math vocabulary. Create a math vocabulary book.
Use the actual words like horizontal and vertical in common practice, such as when talking about paper. Do not use "hot dog" and "hamburger." Be consistent.

Subtraction (I Ain't Got No Buddy!):
To illustrate the difference between two numbers, line up counters in two lines next to each other. Go back and forth between the two lines saying "Gotta" for one counter and "Buddy" for the one next to it. "Gotta-buddy" all the way up to the top. Then when you get to the difference, rejoice saying "I ain't got no buddy" like the song. Then count up the difference!

Decimal Place Value:
Draw a 1 under the decimal point and circles under the other numbers. This helps them remember place value.
For example,
.235 <--235
100X <-- thousandths

Coordinate Grids:
When having trouble figuring out coordinates (X,Y) on a grid, remember: "You always crawl before you walk." In other words, go right before you go up!

Writing Strategies That Work!

Graphic Organizers:
- .pdf used to organize fiction writing
- .pdf used to organize fiction writing
- .pdf used to organize nonfiction writing

HMH's Education Place - contains these and many other free graphic organizers

Song & Video Links:
When Two Vowels Go Walking - from PBS' Between The Lions
Tom Lehrer's Silent E Song - from the incredible Tom Lehrer (links to YouTube)
Tom Lehrer's LY song - another one from the Incredible Tom Lehrer (links to YouTube)
James Iglehart's Silent E Song - from PBS' The Electric Company (links to YouTube)
Let's Start Smart's YouTube Channel - contains many letter, digraph, and word family videos. More are available for purchase.
Mahna Mahna - from The Muppets. Apparently, this NEVER gets old. I use it as a reward or to celebrate a student's success. (links to YouTube)
HaveFunTeaching's YouTube Channel - lots of great songs and videos for the primary grades here.
HarryKindergarten's YouTube Channel - great resource full of songs and videos perfect for kindergarten.

For "-ould" pattern words, use the mnemonic "Oh yoU Lucky Duck!" (OULD)

Use the phrase "robust words" for adjectives. Ask students to put in a robust word before the noun.

Color code graphic organizers and texts. For example, have students always use green to highlight the main idea.

Reading Strategies That Work!
Word Wall Chants:
- here's many different ways to get your body in motion as you spell word wall words

Fluency Phrases:
- these lists use phrases containing words from Fry's List of high-frequency words

Beanie Baby Reading Program:
- contains all of the posters and a list of each reading strategy and corresponding beanie baby.

Reading With Strategies Smart Notebook files in the recommended order (based on the program):

Fluency Theatre Scripts
Scripts for 3 students:
- Superheroes R' Us, AKA. Super Girl vs. Doctor Broccoli
- serve real ice cream at the premiere to make this Fluency Theatre come to life
Scripts for 2 students:
- an author talks about their book with the host of a TV show
- Pat's hat goes missing and Chris helps him find it