Supporting & Enhancing Your Curriculum with Technology

Presenter: Colleen Meulstee
Time: 8:00AM-11:00AM

Goals:*Explore *Spark *Display *Develop *Useful...right away!

My beliefs....
My beliefs...
Technology can't replace good teaching, but it can support & enhance the effects good teachers have on students and their learning!

In order to successfully implement technology, we must develop clear expectations and a framework for success. We can't just give complete freedom and expect growth.

We must use technology in a way that suits our style and needs...if it is forced and uncomfortable, it will not be sustained.


We MUST use our biggest asset, our experts, THE STUDENTS, when we need support.

Overview & Expectations:*Main tools: Google Docs, Wikispaces
*Minor tools: Glogster, iMovie
*Look through resources & ideas to use and modify for your needs.
*Along the way, have discussions and ask questions that are particular to your needs & concerns...feel free to explore one idea longer if you're interested in it!
*Let me help you think through your ideas and explore the possibilities, also we can gather ideas from one another.
*Provide organizational ideas...sometimes that's the hardest part.

Remember: Protect Yourself & Your Students
*Parent Permission:
*Determine version of the tool (some cost more) & settings you want applied
*Before deciding upon the technology you want to use: know your purpose & have a plan

Google Doc Presentation:
or link to: Google Presentation

Other Useful Documents & Pages:
Template for ePortfolio Reflections:

Wikispaces Initial Organization:
To get students their accounts, contact Dianne Krause so she can set them up...then you could use a document like this to guide your introduction to the tool.

Wiki Presentation: Wiki Presentation

Brainpop Movie Script Template**: